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World of Health Care (WoHC) allows foreign decision-makers in healthcare to visit and share knowledge with Dutch health stakeholders and other countries present. WoHC Delegates participate in the Health~Holland Visitors Programme,  a 3-day programme for decision-makers in international, national, regional and local healthcare. This programme aims to broaden the knowledge of our worldwide renowned Dutch Health system and related smart solutions which increase quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare. Moreover, the programme enables delegates to meet fellow professionals who share the same passion and face similar challenges in healthcare. Join the World of Health Care to foster meaningful partnerships!

Delegations shown below are confirmed. More to come!


The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) is the regulatory agency linked to the Ministry of Health responsible for the health insurance sector in Brazil. Our mission is to promote the defense of the public interest in supplementary health care, regulate sector operators – including their relations with providers and consumers – and contribute to the development of health actions in the country.

Director Sector Development, Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar

An international benchmark in healthcare, the Sírio-Libanês Hospital has been providing care for patients and innovating in education and research for nearly a century. Every year the hospital treats thousands of patients under preventive medicine programs, and cares for urgent and emergency cases, providing high-complexity therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation care, among others.

Consisting of a large number of health institutions, eight specialized institutes and two assisting hospitals, the hospital offer 2,400 beds and it is located in various regions of the city of São Paulo.

Clinical Director and Full Prof. of Rheumatology, Hospital das Clinicas - Uni. of São Paulo Medical School

Seguros Unimed is positioned among the leading insurers in the country. Established in 1989 with the initial mission of providing plans Private Pension for doctors linked to Unimed cooperatives nationwide. Over the years, it has expanded its operations and gained participation in the Brazilian insurance market, also operating in the Life and Health insurance, Dental plans segments.and Elementary Branches insurance – with emphasis on Professional Liability and D&O.

Director Innovation, Seguros Unimed

Hospital das Clinicas pioneers in medical and hospital procedures! The HC Complex occupies a total area of ​​600 thousand square meters with about 2,400 beds distributed among its eight specialized institutes andtwo Auxiliary Hospitals!

Brazil’s universal healthcare coverage led to approximately 207.7 million Brazilians joining the nation’s health system. The national registration that was used to register SUS applicants enabled the Brazilian health system to reliably identify users which enables electronic patient files. To implement this in Brazil’s very decentralised infrastructure however presents a huge interoperability challenge.

Coordinator Digital Innovation, Secretaria de Estado da Saúde de SP

Mater Dei Santo Agostinho was the first Brazilian hospital to be accredited straight to the highest excellence level by ONA- National Accreditation Organization in 2004. Our philosophy was founded over three basic principles: the scientific, the cultural and the humanistic. We are a science center when it comes to medical assistance, teaching and research as its primordial objectives. These objectives form themselves into the concept of a modern and advanced unit, diagnoses driven, treatment and prevention.

Fiocruz is a scientific institution for research and development in biological sciences located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it is considered one of the world’s main public health research institutions. Today the institution has a broad range of responsibilities related to the health and wellbeing of the Brazilian population. This includes hospital and ambulatory care; health-related research; development of vaccines, drugs, reagents, and diagnostic kits; training of public health and health workers; and providing information and communications related to health, science, and technology.

Assessora da Vice-residência de Ambiente Atenção e Promoção da Saúde, Fiocruz


Chongqing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a public welfare institution engaged in basic public health services. Established in November 2000, with the purpose of “developing disease prevention and control, improving public health and ensuring people’s health.

Division chief of Chronic and Non-communicable Disease Surveillance , Chongqing Municipality Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Southern Medical University Nanfang Hospital is a large-scale comprehensive tertiary hospital with medical, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care.We are in the national hospital top 100 and 15 specialties have entered, or have been nominated in the top ten rankings of China’s best specialists list (Fudan Edition).

From consultation and treatment to follow-up after treatment to the final rehabilitation, Bupa’s comprehensive medical center provides customers with differentiated personalised services. Over the years, we have operated at a number of healthcare facilities in Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Hong Kong, including Bupa’s own hospitals, clinics, and long-term projects with local governments. We understand that the global medical market has its own characteristics and different needs, so we will build and operate the most suitable medical facilities based on the needs of local people.

Clinic Operation Director , Bupa

Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group consists of District People’s Hospital, District Chinese Medicine Hospital, District Maternal and Child Health Hospital, District Rehabilitation Hospital, District Medical Integration and Geriatric Hospital, five district hospitals, 23 hospitals. This includes medical inspection, radiology imaging, disinfection supply, logistics and distribution, health management, social management, emergency first aid, maternity, ultrasound, nine resource centers and human resources, finance, quality control, information, science and education.

Group Office Director , Shenzhen Luohu Hospital Group

The CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) is a non-profit, private teaching hospital wholly owned by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and expected to come into operation in 2020. With a social mission to bridge the service gaps between private and public healthcare in Hong Kong. Together with the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, CUHKMC is dedicated in optimising the clinical outcomes of patient care and enhancing operational efficiency.

Chief Executive Officer , CUHK Medical Centre | Hong Kong

Elderly care is a priority for the Chinese government and it has installed a National Elderly Care Committee. This Committee has developed a vision for long-term care, with places homecare at its base, community-based care at the second level and institutional care for ultimate support. In order to further improve Chinese elderly care, the Chinese government encourages international parties to engage in collaboration with Chinese parties!

I’m currently the general manager of the Peking University New Century Yan Ding (Qingdao) Medical Industrial Park. I joined the Shandong Yan Ding Group in 2016. At Yan Ding, as the general manager, im is responsible for acquisition on behalf of the medical industrial park project, negotiations and signings with government authorities at various levels, promotion of the New Century industrial park project, and the realization of new projects.


The Organization for Health Excellence – OES is a mixed, non-profit organization,  with the purpose of promoting the transformation of the management and quality of health care. It is the result of the initiative of multiple health institutions, including organizations providing health services, an insurer, universities, foundations, industry industries, unions and the government, for joint work for the common good of improving the quality of healthcare.

The Colombian Association of Integral Medicine Companies -ACEMI- is a legal entity, non-profit organization, whose main domicile is the city of Bogotá. Created in 1992, with the purpose of representing private affiliated companies that administer health services under the modalities of: Prepaid Medicine Companies, Health Promoting Entities of the Tax Regime, Subsidized Regime Health Promotion Entities and Prepaid Ambulances.

We generate institutional, reputational and environmental conditions that make it easier for Family Compensation Funds to achieve their objectives and social purposes for the benefit of workers and their families. Our objective for 2022 is to be a reference for protection and Social Security in Colombia and to ensure the sustainability of the System for its contribution to closing social gaps for the benefit of the working class!

The Ministry of Health has set aside budgets and made promises to provide access to good quality Healthcare by 2020 but realises that it needs knowledge, products and smart solutions from abroad to obtain this. Colombia has a Managed Competition healthcare system, like the Dutch. The Netherlands (next to Germany and Switzerland) is one of the only (European) countries with a similar system. Despite the different context, Dutch solutions can relatively easy be adapted to the Colombian system.

Viceminister of Social Protection , Ministry of Health and Social Protection

Colombia as Latin-America’s #1 destination for Dutch Smart Solutions offers many opportunities  to improve it’s health system. These opportunities arise out of four major push mechanisms, the: 1. introduction of universal health coverage in Colombia; 2. future ageing society in 2030; 3. growth of the Colombian medical travel (tourism) market; 4. and influx of refugees from Venezuela. These mechanisms strain the Colombian health system, creating a demand to make Colombia’s health infrastructure and management, bigger, better and more efficient.

The National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia – ANDI, is a non-profit association that aims to promote the political, economic and social principles of a healthy free Colombian enterprise system. I have over 20 years of experience in the sectors of health and education, evaluation and analysis of markets, corporate governance, formulation of public policies in Health and government relations, amongst others.

As a complementary provider we provide safe, efficient and humane medical care with an emphasis on high complexity. As a leading institution, we develop research, make innovative and sustainable contributions to the health system and the community. We have recently been ranked as the third best hospital of Colombia, according to the National Ministry of Social Protection. Our motto: “Science and Technology with Social Projection”.

The Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation is a private non-profit organization that has been part of the healthcare industry for 39 years. Characterized by a forward-thinking and innovative vision, this organization is in constant search of excellence and producing knowledge to find solutions and improve health.

Quality Management Director, Santa Fe de Bogota Foundation

In 2020 EPS Sanitas will be a national reference in health insurance; recognized for its innovative care models and for the use of technology that allows a prioritized and individualized management of health risk; with high levels of satisfaction generated by the perception of care and risk management and accentuated by the facility to meet the health needs of its members.

President, EPS Sanitas

SIES Salud is part of the strategic unit of Provision of Health Services of Alianza Vida where we create, develop, implement and operate Comprehensive Health Programs in order to manage the risk of communicable and noncommunicable chronic diseases, supported by our Attention Model ALLIED FOR LIFE, which allows a positive impact on the Triple Goal plus.

Colombia and the Netherlands have an extensive political relationship, and economic ties, since 1829. The Netherlands is Colombia’s 4th largest trade partner. The cordial relations between the two countries, and their mutual economic importance, has led the Dutch government to install an embassy in Colombia.  Since 2016  TFHC,  Holland House and the Embassy have worked together with the support of various Netherlands government institutions in the development of the bilateral relations for the LSH top sector with Colombia.

Policy Officer Economic and Political Affairs , Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombia


Created in 2007 to support the pooling of hospital purchases for the Ile-de-France region, Resah opened, at the request of the DGOS, access to its markets in the national territory in 2016. It has thus become one major operators in the sector. It collaborates with more than 700 health, medico-social and social establishments, public and private non-profit in France and more than 600 suppliers.

Project Director, RESAH

With almost 60 years of existence, the National Association of Directors and Hospital Managers (ADH) has 1,300 members! Home to the hospital culture, we also strive to develop international and European partnerships and to enrich the knowledge of hospital management through collaboration with numerous institutional initiatives.

Deputy Director-General Eugène Marquis Center, Association des Directeurs d'Hôpital (ADH)

Medicen Paris Region is a unique organization where SMEs and startups, major industrial players, academic research and health professionals work together to create economic value and market innovative solutions for the health of consumers, citizens and patients.

Head of International Affairs, Medicen Paris Region

Under the authority of the Secretary General of the Ministries of Social Affairs ( SGMAS ), the Delegation for European and International Affairs (DAEI) is a transversal service at the heart of international issues of social ministries (social affairs, health, and women’s rights , work, employment and social dialogue, city
The action of the Delegation to European and International Affairs (DAEI) is based on three major orientations: to pursue European Community construction, to develop the social dimension of globalization, to advance global health!

Policy Officer, Ministry of Health

French Healthcare providers are well organized for procurement by means of group purchasing organizations (GPO) in order to make purchasing as efficient and cost-effective as possible? These GPOs make it easier to scale up quickly in the French healthcare system and GPOs are actively looking for smart and innovative solutions. They are open to international producers and a good conversation partner for SMEs wanting to go to market in France!

The Netherlands Business Support Office in Lyon offers support to Dutch companies that want to do business in France. We are located in Lyon, and we cover the whole of South-East France (Lyon-Grenoble-Montpellier-Marseille-Nice). Our office works closely with the NBSO in Nantes and the Dutch Embassy in Paris. The NBSOs are commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, Agriculture & Innovation (www.RVO.nl).


The AOK cares for around 26 million people! Almost a third of the German population trusts in the strong community of the AOK when it comes to health, health insurance and long-term health insurance. With approximately 36 per cent market share,  AOK is one of the largest health insurers in the statutory health insurance. The AOK is more than a health insurance policy. As an umbrella organization, the federal association of AOK represents the interests of the AOK community.

Strategic Advisor for Inpatient Services , AOK Bundesverband

I was awarded the Hartmannbund Preis 2018 for the most innovative Master Thesis in Health Care Management. I’m currently Deputy Head of the Project Management Office for the Robert-Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany. The hospital is included in the state hospital plan and thus a privately funded foundation hospital sponsored by the state. At three locations with 1,041 beds, we take care of central medical care tasks at a high level: More than 44,000 patients from Stuttgart and the region are treated in our hospital each year!

Head of Medical Strategy Development , Robert Bosch Hospital

The Sana Kliniken AG is a private hospital group of acute, specialist and rehabilitation clinics and nursing homes. The Sana Kliniken AG operates nationwide 52 hospitals of all levels of care. In addition to the core business of acute medicine, it maintains specialized hospitals in the indications cardiovascular, orthopedics and neurology as well as rehabilitation clinics and retirement homes. In addition to the Group’s own clinics, Sana manages a further twelve hospitals on behalf of municipalities and church institutions.

Project Manager - Sana Digital , Sana Kliniken AG

The University Hospital Frankfurt consists of a total of 32 specialist clinics and clinical institutes and, together with the Department of Medicine and the more than 20 research institutes, form the University Medical Center Frankfurt. This is how we ensure the link between teaching, research and patient care. Together, we would like to use the special possibilities of training future generations of physicians as well as the opportunities to directly integrate scientific findings into patient care – for the benefit of the patients.

Chief Medical Informatics Officer , University Hospital Frankfurt

The Klinikum Ingolstadt is the fourth largest municipal hospital in Bavaria and provides over 1000 beds spread over 21 departments. We treat more than 100.000 in and outpatients every year. In addition the “Christoph 32” rescue helicopter of the ADAC air rescue is stationed at the hospital.

Chief Information Security Officer , Klinikum Ingolstadt

The Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) helps Dutch companies enter the market in Germany. We work for companies of all industries. One focus of the work, however, is the health economy in the broadest sense of the word (medical technology, e-health, nursing topics, etc.).

Of course our services are also open to German entrepreneurs who would like to inform themselves about the Dutch economy or are looking for suitable suppliers or trading partners. Ask us. We are here for you!


Indian healthcare is in a truly unique place at this point of time. The positive and negative are at a constant interplay. At one end we have taken giant strides to establish ourselves as a highly skilled medical ecosystem with excellent clinical outcomes, as well as a very powerful value proposition. But this is counterbalanced by a massive disease burden,tangible dichotomies in delivery and a huge infrastructure crunch. To solve this, is our most immediate challenge. Healthcare stakeholders in India have to come together and work along with policy makers to create an environment that will power the next wave. NATHEALTH is the genesis of this movement. It is the forum that will facilitate the shift in mindset, delivery and decision making. It is our vision to build a better and a healthier future.

Secretary General , NATHEALTH

I have over 28 years experience in the field of nursing and over 15 years in Quality (NAAC, JCIA, NABH) reaching pinnacle positions in both academia and clinical services, challenging various capacities and leadership majority in India and 7 years abroad. My areas of interest and research accomplishments have been on women’s health, quality of care, accreditation, patient safet and nursing profession.

Chief Clinical Governance Offcier , Association of Nurse Executives India

P.D.Hinduja Hospital, part of the Hinduja Group, is an ultra modern tertiary care hospital with a Medical Research Centre. The world class infrastructure of the hospital has been created in association with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGM), Boston, to provide the highest quality of patient care.

Chief Operating Officer, P D Hinduja Hospital

CARING, short for Centre for Advanced Research in Imaging, Neuroscience and Genomics, is Mahajan Imaging’s newly christened research & development wing focused on performing cutting-edge scientific and clinical research and helping radiology and genomics companies develop world-class clinically relevant products. CARING currently works with 15+ collaborators including academia, start-ups and industry and is open to working with imaging researchers & engineers, neuroscientists and genomic medicine experts on developing insights and products for a better tomorrow.

Head of Research & Development , CARING, Mahajan Imaging

We ensure that people of Namma Bengaluru are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality. We champion the cause of private hospitals in delivering the very best in hospital care to patients.We promote and protect the interests of private hospitals, their owners and operators, and to proactively interact with members, to ensure private health care continues to be dynamic in meeting the ever-changing needs of the Namma Bengaluru community!


A leading hospital with a focus on the fields of oncology and cardiovascular and health education centers

Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital is a leading hospital providing quality and comprehensive health services to the community, especially oncology and cardiovascular services. In addition to that we also eduacte competent health personnel in the fields of medicine and nursing.

Universitas Airlangga Hospital operates and developes partnerships on national and international standards in aspects of service, education and research!

Besides a healthy environment, the Indonesian government regulation provides that the health condition of each family member is also one of the requirements for a quality family! Elderly, chronic diseases and disabilities affect the overall quality of life and become challenges for families, communities and governments nationwide. Therefore, early interventions are required according to the stages of the life cycle, so that when entering the elderly age, they are not sick, weak, and dependent.

Director of Family Health , Director of Family Health, MOH Indonesia

Communicable diseases weigh heavily in Indonesia’s disease burden. Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases and diarrhoeal diseases have a high impact on Indonesia’s health. The Ministry of Health participates in improving the quality of life of the community through protecting all nations and providing security for all citizens.

Director for Surveillance and Health Quarantine , Directorate of Surveillance and Health Quarantine, MOH Indonesia

Indonesia’s government recognises that the increased demand for quality health services, caused by the newly-entered population, requires investments in additional medical equipment. St. Hospital Carolus (RSSC) is the first Catholic Central Jakarta hospital in Indonesia initiated by the Apostolic Vicar of Batavia (now called the Jakarta Archdiocese). We provide quality health services with compassion and respect for life regardless of religion, race, class.

Member of Foundation , Perhimpunan St Carolus

National Hospital is a health service that is committed to providing the best service with sincerity. Supported by the presence of sophisticated technology and environmentally friendly layout, National Hospital always prioritizes patients needs and comfort.

We aim to become the Elderly Friendly National Referral Hospital of 2019 through organizing and developing plenary health services, quality and affordable care according to science and technology. Our motto: “Clean, Comfortable, Accurate”!

Dr. Sardjito is the highest reference for DIY and South Central Java regions. The references given are medical service references, medical knowledge and non-medical skills. Supported by qualified medical personnel and the availability of sophisticated equipment with medical treatment that always follows the development of medical science and technology, Dr. Hospital. Sardjito will always try to provide excellent service!

Head of Geriatric Division , General Hospital Sardjito, Yogyakarta

Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital is a government run hospital located at Salemba in Jakarta, Indonesia. The hospital serves as teaching hospital for University of Indonesia. RSCM provides primary, secondary and tertiary care, acts as a national referral center for government hospitals and is a place for general practitioners, specialist doctors and subspecialists, nurses and other health workers. The hospital has almost all advanced diagnostic and therapeutic medical technology!

President Director, Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital Jakarta

Indonesia, with the world’s 4th largest population, largest health insurance scheme and fast developing health infrastructure, offers many opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Murni Teguh Memorial Hospital – A leading hospital with a focus on oncology and cardiovascular medicine and health education centers.